Nominations are now closed, shortlisted nominees will be announced soon.

Criteria Scoring will be based on 7 elements:

1 – Use of innovation – can be defined as the process of introducing new or significantly improved goods or services and/or implementing new or significantly improved processes plus impact the innovation has had on the business

2 – Engaging with the Local Community – looking at the social benefits you provide to your local community and the benefits of this to your own business

3 – Sustainability – both environmental and business

4 – Achievements – awards, accolades, including grading

5 – Skills – Investment in staff training and development

6 – Social inclusivity – taking into consideration visitors’ special and specific needs, remembering that this is more than ‘special needs’ or disabled facilities it is the act of making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important.

7 – Overall Quality – to include reference to UGC sites reviews.